From Failed Start Up Newbie to Switched On Successful SmartUp

Is yours a  “start up” business with a difference? Your business or potential business might have you as sole operator trying to do everything or partners, sometimes romantic as well as business partners, sometimes not.

According to Bloomberg and Forbes, slider-image02a huge 8 out of 10 startups fail within 18 months. Of the remainder, many more keep going for longer but still never make a profit. Which leaves a very tiny percentage who make it from conception and birth through to being a useful part of society. And to paying you back for your time and money invested.

That’s always the secret fear, isn’t it. That’s why most people don’t run their own business – despite it being the best way to really be true to yourself, be creative, contribute to the world – oh, and be the far biggest chance of making you wealthy. Tragic that only something like 3% will survive – and 0.1% will get into “the big time”.

The difference, though, between a Switched On SmartUp and a typical start up business is the ambition, planning and knowledge. If you’re running a potentially Switched On SmartUp, you know the following:

i)     You know that you don’t know what you don’t know – so in English, that means you’re looking for people who’ve “been there and done it” from whom to learn.

ii)   You don’t have time to waste. Perhaps your business is still a baby and it’s never learnt to walk let alone started paying you back!

iii)  Perhaps your baby isn’t born yet – it’s still in utero

iv)  Perhaps even pre-conception – you have so many ideas you just don’t know which to leverage

v)   The problem is, your baby business isn’t paying you anything – you’re the one paying it – so it feels a bit chicken and egg to talk about paying someone to help you. But if you don’t get help, it’ll probably keep bleeding you dry till you give up and smother it or let it die from neglect.

So what’s the way to pay for the help you need? What if you could find the absolute minimum now and pay for the rest out of just a fraction of your future profits?

After all, you know you’re going to make future profits, don’t you? If you don’t believe that, might as well give up now… or make a mighty shift so that you do.

The big difference between our Switched On SmartUps programme to most of what you find on line is that we actually DO things for you. It’s not ALL down to you.

We take you through all 17 Keys To Unlocking Business Success.

Then together we apply the Essential Seven Switches. So we’re Optimising Your Business.

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Be a Switched On SmartUp not a one of the majority of failures.

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