It makes my day when someone says thank you

We all love it when we get a compliment, don’t we? I remember running a game with my staff at a team meeting one morning – pieces of paper and pens at the ready, all you had to do was to write a compliment for two random people and hand […] Read more »

Glen Rothquel advocates more leads, more sales, more profits

One of the great pleasures of being in the game of business is meeting people who are great at what they do. Glen Rothquel of Leads2Profits in Sydney, Australia, is a recognised lead generation specialist. “Building your customer or client list, being able to communicate easily and effectively plus deliver […] Read more »

Will This Get You More Leads, Guaranteed?

You know that I strongly believe in getting all your free citations claimed and optimised. When you work with me, we’ll do all the main ones for you. Here in Australia that includes – which is a high-ranking (PageRank6) directory and lead generation site. So links from this site […] Read more »