Coaching Optimised Membership

If you’re a self motivated, conscious entrepreneur who recognises your business can excel with the assistance of the right Coach for support during implementation and execution, let’s get going.

At the end of the day, it’s about traffic, leads, sales and enjoying the ride.

Peace only comes with prosperity. Prosperity only comes through entrepreneurial business.Our mission is

Our mission is Living Like It’s Heaven On Earth so if that’s where you want to be too, let’s go!

I work best with people who are aware, committed to the greater good, financially sound and sufficiently disciplined to work towards a clear goal.

We want to be obsessive-compulsive about one project, one initial product or service, one business strategy.

Let’s nail what that is.

Let’s work One on One while you receive the support, guidance, introductions, and encouragement needed throughout our time together.

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. Begin with the end in mind – where do you want this to take you, financially? So many people are “afraid of the money”. Let’s list out the financial aspects of where you’re going using my Funnel Pricing, uniquely outlining what’s possible and practical in terms of financial return
  2. List all the steps you need to achieve MVP – minimum viable product
  3. Decide who’s best at delivering what you need and connect with the right people to execute your vision. I work with super-clever people in the US, Australasia, the UK, Asia and Europe to make things happen quickly, thoroughly and at great value, including the essentials you need such as:
    • Optin and sales funnels – platform, copy, images, video, video intro and outro, payment gateway, livechat and customer service, autoresponder
    • Brandology – more than just a logo
    • Product/service design, production, execution, fulfilment
    • Email autoresponder tags and sequences
    • Traffic generation – are we using social media ads (FB, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube), Google PPC, interstitial marketing, email marketing, direct mail
    • Revenue streams: ecommerce, offline, distributors, wholesalers, trade/industry niches, trade events, retail, direct to consumer
    • Social proof: JVs, affiliates, bloggers, spokesmodels, Instachicks, PR, spokesmodels and reviewers
    • Sales platforms – your funnel, Google Shopping, FB shopping, the Amazons, crowdfunding etc
    • Social Media – which platforms are best for you? Blab, Facebook, Google+, Google My Business, Instagram, LinkedIn, Periscope, Pinterest, Snapchat, Tumblr, Twitter…
    • Customer care – can be the biggest time suck if you’re not careful but essential to set this up right
  4. Decide on the amounts to budget for each aspect
  5. Work backwards from an agreed launch timescale 
  6. Agree how much time to allocate every fortnight 
  7. Use practical tools to make the right decisions fast, starting with –
    • Clickfunnels
    • Maybe Crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter, Indiegogo or the myriad of others
    • The Ease Impact Grid
    • The GP Profits Optimiser 
    • Reputation Optimisation so that customers and clients do the sales and marketing on autopilot, including professional actors who will test your product and provide spokesmodel pieces to camera
    • The software I use to automate – including Smartsheet, Dropbox, Google Drive, Long & Short Copy Documents and the myriad of specialised systems

The Coaching Optimised process means that you

  • Get clear Personal Vision for your project
  • Outline the Blueprint and Action Plan to get you there
  • Foster your Mindset to make life flow
  • Incubate your other ideas – because, yes, as an entrepreneur you’re going to have more than one “baby” so we make sure no babies die due to neglect or limited attention! Until your first business baby is walking, talking and paying you back, we’ll not look to raise the next one.
  • Explore Your Strengths and Weaknesses so we know who’s doing what
  • Develop & Delegate
  • Make it Fun To Achieve and move on to your next baby


  • A 40 Minute Call Per Fortnight or Month (whichever works best for you) with me, ahem, certified Coach and award-winning businesswoman Angela Wright
  • Strong Accountability Checks to stay on track
  • Progress Tracked against our agreed goals
  • Private Communications

3 Month Commitment

The benefit of making a commitment to yourself includes open communication between us. We’ll agree whether you want to use Skype messaging/live calling, Facebook messaging/live calling, SMS or Google Hangouts, dapulse… I don’t mind which – all work. From experience I recommend FB Messenger to share info fast.

To move forwards, email with your:

  • Business name and address
  • Preferred email
  • Preferred way to communicate: either your phone number, Skype ID, Facebook profile link or Google Hangouts name
  • Saying simply, “Yes, Let’s Go!”
  • We send you an invoice for $1,970USD / $2,570AUD / £1,370GBP or equivalent in your currency, for the total of the first three months and an appointment for our next call.



Living Like Heaven On Earth.

In month two, we’ll agree where we’re going and whether to ramp up the involvement, reduce it back for a smaller cost or pivot to a different arrangement.

See you on the Inside 🙂



PS we love it when our friends come to stay, so if you fancy a trip to Noosa, let me know and we’ll meet in person with a complimentary overnight stay with us at Mykonos House and some time on Sunshine Beach.

living like its heaven on earth coaching optimised

living like its heaven on earth sunshine beach coaching optimised