Save Time And Get On The Beach. Because we all only have 24/7.

Whoever we listen to, we know we need to keep in touch with people. Old customers, current customers, prospective customers, people we suspect may be customers, Joint Venture partners, our Mum …

But with so many options, what do you do first and how can you systemise it?


So here’s the formula:

  1. Get a blog on your website

  2. Install – or something similar if you don’t have a WordPress site – and set it up to syndicate your blog posts to all your social media platforms, like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc etc

  3. Have an autoresponder and customer relationship management (CRM) system -our favourite autoresponder is Ontraport . For More Info About Autoresponders Click Here.

  4. Write a blog post (at least every month) and publish it

  5. Copy it into an email then delete most of the content – so that your email looks personal and short – and write “… to read the rest, click here” – and link it to your blog –

  • send the email to yourself to test it

  • send the email to your staff and ask for feedback

  • schedule the email to go out the next morning

6. Follow up personally on the phone with your top three current and prospective customers


If you don’t want your blog visible to everyone but only want to write information for your customers and clients, you can either have a private membership site or just a “secret page” like this one. Google likes both new blog posts and new pages. Of course, a page like this won’t be broadcast like a blogpost will using Jetpack or similar, but you don’t always want that to happen…

Not sure what to write about? Here’s a link to download 33 templates which you might find useful – everything from scheduling blogs to writing emails to social media

Want a quick way to come up with headlines and subjects? here’s the link to generate some headline ideas really fast: Free Headline Generator 
Here’s another which can also generate headline (and blog) ideas: Blog Topic Generator

Write out 10-50 headlines yourself – pick the best and use some of the others for bullet points perhaps. Good idea to save a document called “Headlines, bullet points and blog topics for the business”.

What if you actually need a compelling “Sales Letter” or just some great copy for your homepage or an email you want to send out? What if you’re struggling to write your “Long and Short Copy”? Here’s a link to a “sales letter generator – just click here to access it. Again it’s all free – and I guarantee it’ll make you smile – or squirm! You might think it’s “over the top” but the good thing is that if “forces you” to elucidate your benefits – once you’ve finished, save it into a word document called “Sales Letter for (Your Business)” into your Dropbox then you amend, copy selected parts, use as you wish.

By the way, do NOT opt in for or buy anything from either of these links – you don’t need them. Just use them as useful free tools. There are paid ones but these will probably help you enough – just to give some inspiration…

Does it take time? Yes, definitely. That’s why copywriters are so expensive: not only do they need to do that but they also need to research your business and your competition. Luckily you know all about your own business and your industry already.

If you really need a copywriter, I recommend

Gregory Diehl: (+1) 0260 247 8009


Selise McLaggan: (+61) 0401 493 679

Now, with the time you save, I recommend you write a list of your ideal customers and spend an hour a day phoning them up and asking for a 15 minute appointment. Online or in person. Call enough people and you’ll get those appointments. Get enough appointments and you’ll get sales. Get on the phone. Do that telemarketing. If you want someone to get the appointments for you, I recommend:

Denise Hill:, (+61) 0422 084 533

Please give my regards if you contact Gregory, Selise or Denise.

Want even more ideas about communicating? Check out this story about my cousin Kay with even more free downloads to help you.

Right, now you have everything you need to make sales.

If need any more help and have some marketing budget to spend on getting more profits from your business, give me a call on 07 5474 9790 or 0411 827 702, skype angela_crealy or hangout with me, +AngelaWright.

Get organised, get communicating, get sales and get on the beach.