Health, Wellness & Agriculture Businesses




Completely connected.

Vital to our well-being.

And three of the hardest areas to get consistent sales.

From a farming family, interested in integrated health, cofounder of complementary health businesses, Angela is fascinated by health wisdom and products that enable more of us to live better.

So get in touch and let’s find out how your business can create pipelines of new leads and create a system that filters through them.

So your staff only spend time dealing with the right people.

Health And Wellness

Keeping abreast and ahead of health and wellness marketing isn’t easy.

You need someone with “skin in the game”. With knowledge and investment in health businesses.

Whether you’re selling direct, via Amazon, online, or a combination, we can help.

Cutting edge products like CBD and Omega-7… tried and tested ancient remedies like Ayurveda and ginkgo biloba… whatever you’re selling, get in touch.

The ABC of Marketing – When A Is For Agriculture

Agriculture. Business. Communications.

Business. Communications.


Farmers and their supply chains have a raw deal.

The supermarkets are ruthless in favour of shareholders.

Losing touch with your customers can be the difference between thriving, survival and going out of business.

Yes, agriculture is tough.

People say that Angela’s Unique Ability is seeing opportunities and creating better futures through asking difficult questions, analysing the past and connecting the best currently available solutions.

Harness the latest ways you can market direct to the people who matter.

Before your competition does.


So if you’re in Health, Wellness or Agriculture and want to talk about Optimising Your Business, we’d love to hear from you.

This applies to you when:

i)              You’re STILL working like a dog

iv)          Some of your staff “get it”, a lot still don’t

v)            You’re not sure if your marketing company is ripping you off or simply doesn’t know enough

vi)          You can’t believe how many “fires” get started every day – and how come you’re seen as Chief Fireman

vii)        Your inbox and voicemail are full – hell, you even get told “I’m too busy” by your secretary, PA or VA (or all of them – yes, I once had 4 Pas and still couldn’t keep up, before I learned this stuff the hard way)

viii)      Your customers are buying, your assets are appreciating, but you KNOW there’s tons more that could be done

ix)          The trouble is, you’re all out of time

x)            You’re busy with the business, your family, all your daily obligations – seems like a ton of responsibilities and the important stuff like getting more sales is neglected.

So how come some people make their business work for them while you are working hard for your business?

How come some can take time off when they want, live at the beach, travel with family and friends… and still have time to grow their business – even selling out for a fortune and starting another if they want?

Go on, you’re here for a reason.

You deserve those extra sales.

Here’s to your financial and personal freedom when you get in touch.

Can’t wait to hear from you.