When are successful businesses just like babies?

Now if you know me, you know I love babies. The smaller the better. Human babies, puppies, kittens, calves, lambs, foals, goat kids, piglets, chinchillas, baby tortoises, the tiniest stick insects, various fishes, chicks, rabbit kittens, corn snakelings, hamsters, guineapigs… we’ve had all sorts of babies at our house. Especially lots […] Read more »

How Do Successful Businesses Get So Much PR?

So how come successful businesses are often being written about in the press – maybe TV, radio, online, newspapers, magazines? Bill Gates famously said that if he was down to his last $10, he’d spend it all on PR. The trouble is that none of us has enough time. Even when […] Read more »

Will This Get You More Leads, Guaranteed?

You know that I strongly believe in getting all your free citations claimed and optimised. When you work with me, we’ll do all the main ones for you. Here in Australia that includes StartLocal.com.au – which is a high-ranking (PageRank6) directory and lead generation site. So links from this site […] Read more »