Well that’s one way to get Five Stars!

We were joking about how good it would be if getting Five Stars for your business was just a piece of cake for our latest lovely new clients – and Theresa suggested we should bake some Star Cookies to send out five as a surprise welcome gift. So here’s a […] Read more »

Only Super-Successful Businesses Know This: Learn The Secrets Of How To Promote Your Business Without Doing It Yourself Or Paying Someone Else To

So it’s time to take to the stage again. This time in Australia’s Gold Coast, at the Crowne Plaza in Surfers’ Paradise, 8th-10th July. StreetSmart Marketing have asked me to join Mal Emery at the StreetSmart Business School. I’ll be sharing the unique strategy, the exact steps and tactics you […] Read more »

Who Are Your Scorpions?

Thanks to Andrew for telling me this story last night. We were talking about clients, customers, staff… the nature of all the different people we meet. This story has been told since the third century BC, from Babylon to India, Nigeria to Europe. Sometimes with a frog or turtle, a scorpion […] Read more »