Of course you’re busy. That’s why you want the fast way to five stars.


Local Small Business Marketing - Small Business Marketing StrategyNow, fast doesn’t always mean easy – unless you have a doubtful reputation, like the saloon girls in the Westerns my Dad used to love to watch when I was a girl. And it’s not easy to get, keep and market a five star reputation, which is why we’re working together.

Your customers are going to be doing your sales and marketing for you. You just have to get things underway.

As my Dad always says (when he’s not watching Westerns), “Success breeds success.”

So as soon as your Google+ Local page is set up to accept reviews, you want to saddle up your horse and ride into town with at least five x five star reviews. So here are two ways to do it which will take you, oh, about five minutes:

This is only relevant to a very small number of people whom you completely trust to give you a five star review and who you are confident either have a Google+ account already or will bother to sign up for one. Yes, this will be a very small number. Ideally between five and ten people.Maybe family, friends, associates, suppliers, customers, past customers… anyone who knows your business and can “vouch” that you’re great. You need at least five to actually do this for you, maybe more depending on whether Google accepts them or not.

There’s now a way to send a link direct to your Google reviews page. Watch this 3 minute video: http://youtu.be/-Jfvf1w3R8I

Way Number One: Send an email taking them direct to your Google reviews page.

Here’s a draft example for you:

Hi [first name]

Trust you are well. 

It means such a lot to us here at [your company name] when we get a five star review and I wondered whether you could leave us a review on our Google reviews page? If you can spare a couple of minutes we’d really appreciate it: You can use this link here PUT THE LINK HERE .

With kind regards, your name – or your usual signatory PS thanks in advance for leaving us a review – here’s the link again PUT THE LINK HERE

Of course, do put this in your own words and personalise the first sentence to each one…in my experience people love to be asked to help. Do check the link before you send!

Way Number Two: SMS a few of these people to ask them to review you from their smartphones. So here’s an example text:

Hi [first name], it means such a lot to us when we get a five star review and I wondered whether you could leave us a review on our Google reviews page? If you can spare a couple of minutes we’d really appreciate it: PUT THE LINK HERE . (If by any chance you can’t see how to leave a review here, just jump onto our Reviews page here LINK TO YOUR PRIVATE REVIEWS PAGE THAT WE’VE BUILT FOR YOU). Yours, your name – or your usual signatory


Again, check all links yourself before you send!

Tip: choose people who you think might have a Google account already (save all the people who don’t have a Google account to ask them to give you a review on a different citation or direct to your private reviews page – more about that later…)

Click here for a short three minute video reminding you where to find your Google+ Local page and your Googlemaps listing, if you’re not sure.

Remember: you do need legitimate reviews from customers or other people who genuinely know your business. And don’t ask them to review you on your computer, laptop, tablet or phone or on your wifi. Because Google will recognise the IP address and block you.

This way – with a handful of emails and text messages – is the fast and easy way to get your jump start to five star success.

Here’s to your customers getting you more customers.

(Curious about the difference between Google short link, your Google+ Local page and your Googlemaps listing?

  • Google creates your “Google My Business page short link” which lets people go straight to it even on their mobile devices.
  • Opening a Google+ Local page or a Googlemaps link on a mobile phone doesn’t always allow reviews to be left at the moment. People with the Google Maps or G+ App downloaded can sometimes do so – for instance, I can on my iPhone but I know a lot of people haven’t been able to.
  • So… Google short link, Googlemaps listing or Google+ local page – same difference really – all URLs going to the same reviews page but the “short link” is usually the best to use.)

Now… send out those five emails and handful of SMSs…


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