“There is no sale without the story; no knockout without the setup”, Gary Vaynerchuk

Whatever you’re doing, people buy from people. You need to be trusted: no trust = no sales.

Without sales, you’re not helping people with whatever it is your business is doing.

To understand and trust you, people want to know your story.

Here’s a quick summary of an interview with the legendary Gary Vaynerchuk – just click here to link to it. Just in case you don’t know, Gary Vaynerchuk is described first and foremost a storytelling entrepreneur plus he is a New York Times bestselling author,  his digital consulting agency, VaynerMedia, works with Fortune 500 Companies to develop digital and social media strategies and content, Businessweek selected him as one of the top twenty people every entrepreneur should follow, and CNN voted him one of the top twenty-five tech investors on Twitter.  Gary knows a thing or two.

So the relevant question is: what stories are you telling? Even more importantly, what stories are your customers and your market telling about you? What’s your reputation?

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