• “Why are you making it so hard for people to buy from you?”
  • “If you had one chance to help someone with something you do, and weren’t allowed to explain, where could that potential customer go to find out what you’re offering?”

Two good questions, don’t you think?

You want to promote your Offers on your website, your Google+ Local page and your citations… but if you haven’t summarised them, you can’t, can you?

So here’s a great example of how to set out three similar options so that you can easily explain – and carefully suggest which is best:

how to present your offers when you have three similar versions

Next, you just need to work out which are your best Offers to package.  I’m not talking about discounts. I’m talking about “offering” what you have for sale – so that your clients and customers can buy it easily.

Without kidding yourself that your time doesn’t cost anything and “the business makes the money”. You need to cost your time, at least at what you’d have to pay someone to replace you. Ideally at what you want to earn. What you’re worth. Then value your time accordingly. What the business makes after paying you (you first, then everyone and everything else) is the business profit.

This is when your GP & Offers Optimiser comes into play.

Here’s your link to download it: click here for your GP Optimiser.

I’ve made you two 5 minute videos to explain. I created the GP & Offers Optimiser out of frustration in trying to identify “where’s the money”. I’ve never met anyone who already knew what this shows – from any size of business.

One of my clients discovered her business was losing $1,200, $1,400 or $1,650 every time three types of services were sold! We fixed that.

Another client reduced costs per one type of service from $45 to $10. Much more profitable.

It’s not your fault that you haven’t already worked this out properly: you have too much on the go. This is very common.

So click here on this link to watch explanatory video number one and discover how to identify and optimise your GP and your Offers.

Then open, resave and begin to complete this spreadsheet – just for what you already have for sale – then click here to watch this video before you finish … listen right to the end: the last words are “your offers – check the costs to you – and articulate the value to your customers and prospective customers”.

You’ll notice the GP & Offers Optimiser has improved since I created the videos. No the videos aren’t perfect – that’s to remind you that what you do doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to get done!

 PS there’s a prize for anyone who can improve this GP & Offers Optimiser – come on, that’s a challenge to all you fellow spreadsheet fans –  surely you can improve on my formulas or layout? Just don’t remove my colours…

What’s the prize? That depends on how great your improvements are 🙂