Keep It Simple …

Having one online marketing gmail account is essential if you are going to leverage your life and let specialists help with your marketing to grow your business. Of course you can keep doing everything yourself, if you want to stay small and not move forwards with your business, working too many hours with insufficient reward.

So your email address is all setup… and the name and password (PW) is recorded in your Complete Business Form (what we call your CBF).

What about all the other things which you might want to claim? ALWAYS use the info in your CBF to do so, including your online marketing email.

What about social media? Even if you don’t plan on using any or all of the social media platforms available it’s important to get each at least claimed in your name so your business has the option going forwards. Otherwise someone else might have “your” identity. Which devalues and limits your business.

While you’ll always claim and optimise citations and directories using your exact business name (as listed in your CBF), for social media platforms you’ll want to claim each one in your shortest name possible but if that’s already gone, see what you can get that’s next-shortest/most far reaching.

For example, for the brilliant Aqua Tots Swimming School in Maida Vale, Perth, WA, the options in order of preference would be:

Aqua Tots

Aqua Tots Swimming

Aqua Tots Swimming School

Aqua Tots Swimming School AU

Aqua Tots Swimming School WA

Aqua Tots Swimming School Perth

Aqua Tots Swimming School Maida Vale

Re the social media listings you’ve not claimed yet, as per the CBF, can u do so using the info in the CBF? In particular look at the “Long & Short Copy” document and use that wording. Here’s what you need to do:

After your G+ personal profile and your G+Local business page, the most important social media platforms to claim/optimise are, in this order:

YouTube – linked to your Google+Local page

LinkedIn personal page

LinkedIn business page attached to your personal page

Facebook personal page

Facebook business page attached to your personal page


Daily Motion









… and there are literally hundreds more so if you come across something that you think is relevant, claim it and save the information in your CBF.

For more information on your all-important Citation and Directory sites, click here for another “secret” hidden page on this website all about it.

Please record the logins and PWs of any you have already claimed/claim in the future. While we can claim and optimise the most important, there are literally hundreds so when you come across any in which you are not yet represented it is highly recommended you claim and optimise these yourself. Of course, ALWAYS use the info in your CBF to do so, including your online marketing email.

Even if you don’t plan on using the social media platforms listed above, it’s important to get each claimed in your name so your business has the option going forwards.

Don’t know what to write about? As well as all your factual information in the CBF, if you’ve worked with us for a while we’ll have helped you to create your “Long & Short Copy” document. This is all different lengths of information, written from your customer’s perspective, with “calls to action” and including your keywords. This is how you need to write, going forwards – and now you have it all ready for you, just waiting for you in your Dropbox.

Just click here for a link to the “Long & Short Copy” template.