Glen Rothquel advocates more leads, more sales, more profits

One of the great pleasures of being in the game of business is meeting people who are great at what they do.

GLEN ROTHQUEL, LEADS2PROFITS, CROWS NEST, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - MORE LEADS, MORE SALES, MORE PROFITSGlen Rothquel of Leads2Profits in Sydney, Australia, is a recognised lead generation specialist.

“Building your customer or client list, being able to communicate easily and effectively plus deliver solutions is what it’s all about”, reports Glen.

Glen Rothquel, featured in ABC, CBS, CNN, Fox News, is a highly recommended Growth Hacking Expert. Glen says his focus is, “More Leads, More Sales, More Profits”: helps your business get more leads, convert more of the leads into customers, make more sales and get bigger profits.

Glen’s company Leads 2 Profits helps businesses get more quality leads through online and offline strategies. Leads2Profits then maximises the conversion of leads into paying customers and puts strategies in place to get customers to spend more money when they purchase, buy more often, stay longer as a customer and refer more contacts, resulting in higher profits.

Using a number of proven, easy to implement systems and tools along with international contacts and partnerships, Glen Rothquel helps companies grow.

Glen Rothquel is a former Investment Banker who understands Marketing Solutions, Lead Generation, Venture Capital, Private Equity, Angel Investors and the Debt Markets.

More info at A great member of your team when you’re looking for more leads, more sales, more profits.

Contact Glen Rothquel on his direct number 02 8987 1990 or via

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