How Do Successful Businesses Get So Much PR?

So how come successful businesses are often being written about in the press – maybe TV, radio, online, newspapers, magazines?

Bill Gates famously said that if he was down to his last $10, he’d spend it all on PR.

The trouble is that none of us has enough time. Even when we know that PR works, it can become just another undone task… and meanwhile that’s more lost opportunities for your business. The “opportunity cost” of neglecting this important area means lots of your profits are “missing in action”.

So I thought I’d let you in on a little secret.

If you send a well written press release – ideally with a photograph – to the press, very often they’ll print it. For free.

And something like 50% of the readers will trust what it says about you because it’s seen as “editorial”. No, not as many as the 70-88% who trust you because of your online reputation, but still a good amount especially if it’s a big readership.

How do you know what to write? Click here for a link to a handy template where you can just “fill in the blanks”.

How do you know where to send it? Click here for an online list Australia-wide. (Ask me if you want similar for elsewhere in the world.)

If there are one or two Editors of particularly-important media (maybe your town’s principle newspaper or radio station), you could always phone up and ask to speak with “John”, saying something like, Hi, can I speak with John please – it’s Mary about a feature you’re including… often that’ll get you put through, then you can say, Hi John, it’s Mary from Name Of Business and I just wanted to check if you need any more information from us about Name Of Event/Product/Service/Newsworthy Activity… I’ve sent you a personal email about it because I thought you might like to be the first to report on this…

… or similar…

Like the idea but really don’t have time to do this yourself?

Mickie Kennedy’s team at ereleases provides outstanding PR for much less than they should charge – there’s the farmer’s daughter gene coming out in me again, always wanting top value.

Mickie’s written a great free guide too – it’s available here: FREE 150-Page eBook! Beginner’s Guide to Writing Powerful Press Releases – Get Yours Now!

Just thought you ought to know about this. Even Google’s Matt Cutts recommends ereleases. Here’s to your (well publicised) success.

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