How To Hire The Right Staff

Knowing How To Hire The Right Staff Is Critical In Today’s Economy

“Poor staff choices cost 15x their salary”

Thanks for your insights when we met today.

We’ve all crossed our fingers and hoped for the best when hiring staff – not lately, personally, I’m happy to say.

how to hire the right staff

Years ago I learnt that any business is only as good as the worst member of staff. Scary thought. But true.

Sometimes you need a hand with this. First of all, figuring out who you already have on your team – including yourself – is really helpful. You know about leadership; do you equally value followership? Click here for the best personality testing to find out if you have round pegs in square holes.

Remember, your staff are your first customers: your internal team (you, your family, your team) need to believe, love and focus on your products and services more than anyone else. So look after your staff completely and make sure you get the right people “on your bus”… so everyone’s optimising your business, not distracting from it.

My Dad always said to me that the main secret is getting great people around you, people you’re pleased to see in the morning.

Here’s wishing you great people around you, people who are optimists and optimisers.

Successful businesses are characterised by committed staff, saving you time, building your business reputation, giving you peace of mind and confidence that every day’s going to be a good day for your clients, your customers and for you. That’s teamwork.

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