Good Business Advice For The Right Directory Listings

The Right Business Advice

How do you know which are the right Directory Listings to choose?

With so many – from Google itself, the old Yellow Pages, Yelp, TrueLocal or Thomson Local, Service Seeking and the literally thousands of industry and geographic directories – how do you know which to choose?

Don’t Waste Your Time

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It’s easy to waste your business day chasing red herrings. Sometimes a plausible phone call selling advertising can seem the simplest route – but it rarely pays. Those profit margins have to be high to have sales people calling, after all.

Or your existing marketing contact can say, “I can do that too!” But if they really understood this new strategy or tactic, they should be telling you about it and not the other way around!

So to make the most of your marketing spend, it pays to work with a 360-degree business adviser who can help you to understand exactly the right places to allocate both your time and your money.

Are Business Directories Worthwhile?

Business directories can work well in terms of raising your credibility and reputation with both potential customers and Google.

Depending on the page rank and search engine optimisation of the Directory, your listing can enhance or detract from your own site.

This is just part of your SEO or search engine optimisation strategy. It’s critical to look after your SEO unless you have too much incoming business to deal with already. For everyone else, optimising your search results means more business.

Even if people are looking for you online, if your competitors are placed above or alongside your Google entry and they look better than you, you’re going to miss out on that click. That means you can’t help the people you are here to serve.

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