How To Promote Your Business With Review Marketing

One of the first things we do for businesses we work with is to set up our leading-edge systems. These include providing a platform so you can ask people to “Review Our Business”. We call this “ROB” for short
ROB is particularly good for easily asking new customers for their feedback.
We set everything up and provide you with your own dashboard so you can make the most of your optimised reputation. Once logged in, you can see a series of tabs such as “My feedback”, “Listings”, “My contact manager” and more. Feel free to explore these in your own time. There is a full Help section of videos which you can find by going to the far right hand tab labeled “Training”. Here you can find all your training videos.
Any feedback you receive from your customers can be entered via your own private review page. For example, here’s ours: Optimising Business Review Page
Follow-up and Marketing Features make this the most complete and trusted Online Reputation Optimisation System available

automated feedback loop

Automated Feedback Loop

With your information already entered, this unique system automatically reaches out to and follows up with your recent customers and clients to generate a feedback snapshot of their most recent experience with your business

reputation monitoring

Reputation Monitoring & Notification

Your customer feedback and online reviews are all captured in a simple dashboard that shows the overall feedback and online rating score of your business. Email and SMS alerts notify you or your designated manager of new ratings or reviews as soon as they happen.

Intelligent review Routing

Intelligent Review Routing

If they give a positive review, customers are taken to your company branded page that helps direct them to one or more online review sites of your choice. If negative, they are instantly provided a form to tell you (or your designated manager) about their concerns. This STOPS a poor review from being posted online, giving you the opportunity to address it promptly.

Social Sharing & Brand Promotion

Social Sharing & Brand Promotion

Spread the word about your 5 star reputation: today’s consumers are already recommending businesses to their friends and followers on their favourite social sites, like Google My Business pages, Facebook and Twitter. Sharing your great reviews on your business’ social media accounts lets your friends and followers spread the positive word. And you know that future customers trust what existing customers and clients say, far more than they trust you.


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Here’s to your customers and clients doing your marketing for you.

See you on the beach!

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