Successful Businesses Keep A Tight Rein On The Money: Do You?


If you have an offline business, sometimes you need staff taking the money for you. But how do you know it all goes in the till?

It’s easy to ring up a no-sale on some tills and just pocket the amounts…

Or what happens if you don’t have a till?

If this is a concern for you, here’s an option:

When we ran our theme parks in the UK, we implemented a security measure to prevent “ shrinkage” aka borrowing money aka theft.

If you are responsible for money and for staff, it’s your duty to keep tight controls. As the saying goes, give too much rope and …

You have to help people do the right thing. All. The. Time.

If this will help you,  here’s the sort of wording we used:



No Receipt And It’s Free!

Please Keep Your Receipt!

If You Don’t Receive A Receipt At The Time Of Purchase, Please Tell Us Immediately And Your Purchase Is “On The House” At No Charge.

Thank You for Being Here Today.

and displayed in one of these

which we had at each till point.

Obviously, if someone claimed their free ride/purchase, the staff member would have to notify the Supervisor/Manager immediately and complete a form.

If you don’t use a till point, you can use something like this: No need to personalise these, just their standard ones will do to start with.

or look on here

We also used an Opening Checklist which the staff member would complete, sign, date and time pre opening each day, returning with the till/moneybag. Where there wasn’t a till, this also includes the Opening Ticket Number and the Closing Ticket Number and the Total Number Of Tickets Sold. These were used to record any discrepancies on the money, with a “3 strikes and you’re out” approach.

Where more than one person looked after the money on a ride, we would issue a new float bag and Opening Checklist – unless a family member was doing the “breaks”.

Whenever you look after money, you need written procedures. It doesn’t matter who you are or what your business does. For example, here’s a procedure from an Australian University that you might like to copy and adapt:

Here at Optimising Business we have a raft of policies and procedures, all to make life easier. So you can avoid the emotional trauma associated with business and instead focus on sales and marketing, the lifeblood of your business.


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