Who doesn’t want priceless business advice AND $20.00 for free?

Just wanted to make sure you see this crazy deal to get priceless free business advice and $20.00 cash!

When you’re in business, it’s really easy to be stressed about money. We know that by helping business owners, we also help people all around the world feel better.

Money can be tight for many people, so I’m happy to be able to buy you an outstanding business book which will really help you, and give you some extra cash as well!

Do you want to get a life-changing business book certain to be a best-seller for just the cost of shipping – and get $20.00 back in cash?

This is for everyone who’s in business or thinking about starting a business.

Everything’s changed! 

Russell Brunson is launching this new book called “Expert Secrets” which you definitely need to read.

It’s free and up until yesterday the shipping and handling would have cost you $7.95 US or $12.95 international anywhere in the world.

But right now and for the next few hours, everything’s changed because Russell’s authorising for you to get $20.00 sent to you on Paypal when you order your book!

So you actually get the book for free AND get free money!

If you want, your $20.00 can be sent to a charity in Kenya rescuing little children from extreme abuse – run by a friend of ours with 100% of the funds going to the children with zero admin. We’re honoured to support Genevieve Audrey Naisula with her registered charity – what she’s doing is remarkable and she’s currently nominated for Young Australia Of The Year for her work. So if you want to make a difference to your business and to children in the world, here’s a very easy way.

Or you can get the $20.00 sent to you.

Your call.

If you don’t tell us, we’ll just send you the money. Do what you like with your $20.00!

You get this life-changing business book for nothing, just for the next few hours. After that, Russell is not allowing the $20.00 to be sent to you when you order your book, which costs you only $7.95-$12.95 for the shipping and handling.

I first met Russell Brunson from Boise in Idaho when he came over to Australia, shortly after we emigrated to Aus from the UK in 2010.

Since then, Russell has gone from strength to strength and now helps tens of thousands of business owners around the world including many health advocates with his remarkable Clickfunnels software which makes being online really easy.

Russell’s latest book is a must-read: “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice…”

Click on this link for “Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice…” and let Russell know where to send it.

Russell is mailing you a physical copy of this new book – not an ebook.

You can order this book after today and pay for shipping – or order it now and get it for less than free because you’re sent $20.00 when the shipping costs less than that!

Crazy not to get this now!

Click on this link to order yours now.

If you want to know how to shine in business, get this book.

You can win in business, and also give back…

Just to be clear, for the next few hours, you get $20.00 sent to you when you to order a copy of this book. The shipping costs you $7.95 if you’re in the US or $12.95 if you’re elsewhere. So you get sent in cash more than what you pay to get the book sent to you!

The only catch is, if you happen to have already ordered this same book, you MUST use a different EMAIL and different MAILING address or I can’t send you the $20.00!

If you have not yet ordered your copy of Expert Secrets, here’s your chance to get one… and free money sent to you!

Here’s to living your best,

Angela Wright MBE
Founder, Optimising Business

PS Sorry but Russell’s only authorised this $20.00 to be sent to you when you order within the next few hours so you need to do this now. Click on this link to find out more about this business book now, so you don’t miss out


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