Crypto prohibition and Bitcoin in Business – plus, the cryptocurrency which will surpass Bitcoin

I’ve been a speaker on ‘Bitcoin In Business’ in the last few days, as part of Tech Startup month.

Even at high end business meetings like these, I’m DISTRAUGHT by how many people told me and others about “being into bitcoin” when actually they’re signed up to an MLM ponzi scam.


That’s not the right thing to do.

Getting into proper (NOT MLM) crypto, on the other hand, is the best move for anyone.

These people who are involved with MLM crypto are, unwittingly, highly dangerous to themselves, and others.

The dilemma is… how to tell them … without the natural human reaction to go on the defensive?

I used to say there are only two kinds of people who get involved in things like this:

#1) people who can’t do math, and

#2) people who belong to the “I’m alright Jack” school of thought who don’t give a fig about anyone else.

But I think there’s a #3 type – the ones blindsided by the overwhelm of slick marketing.

There are SO MANY MLM Ponzis being promoted with massive marketing budgets. The “conferences” and “ra-ra events” where everyone gets hyped-up and ignores red flags.

It’s simple really: if it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck, and looks like a duck, it’s a duck.


Which MLMs and scams are the worst? Promises of passive returns of 1%/day are obviously not going to be true otherwise anyone would be able to borrow unlimited money and make this work.

Ponzis lure people in and pay them from the suckers who follow …

Ponzis run out of people fast – just a couple of levels when significant investment is required, as only a tiny % of the population have money available to invest.

Starting with just 8 people, at 11 levels deep, a ponzi requires more people than there are in the world!

If you’re in one of these, the best answer is to swallow your pride and get out now.

Failure is only permanent when you don’t take action.

Mistakes are only fatal when you ignore facts.

As I said at the start, getting involved properly with crypto (NOT MLM), is the best move for anyone.

Best for business.

For individuals.

For families.

There are plenty of people against it, from banks to governments.

“It is the prohibition that makes anything precious”

Mark Twain

But the cats are out of the bag.

Crypto can’t be stopped now.

Governments and financial authorities can’t stop the rise of cryptocurrency, but they are really trying.

A couple of months ago, China and South Korea claimed they were banning bitcoin exchanges and sales.

But both countries are buying and trading more than ever before.

David has just returned from China; our regulatory lawyer partner Diana ‘Cryptomama’ is there right now attending a big blockchain conference.

US regulators are readying to try and control the market.

Why? Because cryptos are a challenge to their power. To their control over you, me and the billions of people around the world in the mainstream financial system. We all pay taxes. We all use banks. We all pay trillions in fees because till now we’ve had no choice.

Till now…

Cryptos and blockchain technology explode that control. So financial authorities all over the world are trying to stop this change. Or at least control it.

It’s not working

As Mark Twain said, talking about the prohibition of alcohol, when you make something that is desired, illicit… people only want it even more.

Whether you’re talking about banning cryptos or banning alcohol… people do not want to be told how to live their lives.

Back in the 1920s, people went to extraordinary lengths to get around the prohibition laws…

People do not accept curtails on their basic freedoms. They didn’t accept alcohol bans. And they won’t accept a ban on cryptos.

This is a technology which is needed.

Because we’re tired of being taken for a ride.

Banks withholding our money…

Charging extortionate credit card processing fees to retailers and service businesses…

The forex overcharges…

The LIBOR scandal of manipulation of interbank lending rates by the major banks across the world, a host of global financial institutions affecting trillions of financial contracts…ending up with just a handful of people going to jail…

The ENRON disaster, which saw more than $60bn lost due to banking and auditing frauds… and again, most of those in charge getting off scot-free.

The illegal lending to entire countries… with the public paying the price, not the banks…

The huge difference in interest rates paid by borrowers… and interest paid to savers…

No wonder we want something different.

Now it’s here. Active for nearly 10 years.

The first distributed blockchain implemented in 2009 serves as the public ledger for all transactions.

This ‘triple ledger’ invention is the biggest social and financial evolution in human history.

No wonder Bitcoin is at a new all time high, selling for more than $8,000 at time of writing – that’s more than £6,000 GBP, more than $10,000 AUD.

It was half that when I ran my first course teaching people how to get involved with cryptocurrency.

Prompted by two reasons:

  • Because I didn’t get going back in 2010, even though I knew it would explode, and if I had, $100 into Bitcoin would be worth $100m now
  • And the awful reality of the people suckered into the MLMs, when instead they would be safe and financially very very well off ‘doing crypto properly’

The bans on cryptos have simply created ‘bitcoin refugees’ – investors and startups from China flocking to Hong Kong and Japan; US and other citizens using VPNs and doing what they please, not what their government tries to enforce.

As noted in Forbes:

What China bitcoin ban?… Nearly a billion dollars have reportedly returned to Chinese investors that put money to work in some 40-plus ICOs that took place on the mainland this year.”

For you, your business and your family, this is an unmissable opportunity to profit.

Maybe you have sat back and watched the extraordinary gains being made from cryptocurrencies.

Now, you can do something about it.

Let me show you how you could – before it’s too late – take full advantage of what’s happening.

In my new book The Complete Crypto: Five Keys To Understanding Crypto For Freedom & Profit,  I show you why bitcoin and cryptocurrencies becoming mainstream is inevitable.


I also show you one coin I believe is going to overtake Bitcoin and could turn every $50 you invest into nearly $25k.

And one which I believe will double this month.

Whether you get into crypto to make your family fortune or to change the world, you’re likely to be right.

Only 0.5% of the population is actively involved in crypto right now. Of which less than 2% are women!

But this is the opportunity for you to be in now, because we’re still at the start.

Yes, there is nearly a decade of evidence and continued growth.

But we’re only just getting started.

It’s kind of like a global stockmarket opening right now, and you have one of the tickets to attend. You’re invited.

You must be able to see the huge potential to make money here.

Like many others, we believe this is the single most important money-making opportunity in the world.

And that is why, for a limited time, I am making my book available to you for free.

I really want everyone to be able to get this.

Here’s how to collect your copy.

And yes, it is completely free. No “shipping” or “processing” charges.

Completely free.

Well researched.


But be aware:

This opportunity won’t wait for you.

Never again will this moment in history occur. Just when mobile phones were invented and the world rushed to use them. Laptops, iTunes, Apple, Uber, AirBnB, Amazon… never again will any of those spread like wildfire.

Five years ago, less than one million people had a bitcoin wallet. Today that number is over 14 million – and rising FAST.

Never again will we be here at the start of the world adopting cryptocurrencies.

If you want to make the most possible money from this crypto revolution – this is it. The time is now. And it will NEVER be repeated.

Just a small stake in one of these exploding cryptocurrencies could redefine all of your expectations about your future business and family wealth.

Even if you just get started with some loose change – $10 or so – do it now.

Claim your FREE copy of my new book and I’ll show you what to do.

What if you’ve already got involved with one of those MLMs or scams?

There are really only two kinds of results:

  1. Success
  2. Learning

Learning from mistakes is the route to success.

So don’t be hamstrung by the lack of harmony caused by wrong decisions. Just treat it as another step along the road to success… the road, let’s face it, which most people are too scared or idle to venture down.

If you’re part of the way down the road, even if you’re taking a detour right now, take the right route and keep going.

You’ll be ahead of the rest.

Along the way you can meet up with other successful adventurers who keep going with determination, getting good people around them, honoring the truth and ditching the deceptions.

Getting into proper (NOT MLM) crypto is the best move for anyone right now.

As I said, I wrote this free book to give a good guide:

I do hope you’ll get this book and find out what’s going on.

And, of course, feel free to forward this to any business owners or financially savvy friends who should read this free book is it gives a good guide:


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