Climate Change

Lead Indicators Don’t Lie

It’s not a matter of belief or opinion.

Climate change believers and deniers are often both missing the point

2016 marked the first time in several million years that atmospheric concentrations of CO2 passed 400 parts per million.

That’s what you call a “lead indicator”.

It’s a scientific fact. Visible and proven now.

Lag indicators are what happen as a result of one or more lead indicators.

Lag indicators can’t be changed.

Lead indicators can.

If it was a good idea for CO2 levels to be at 400 ppm … if this was a viable situation for living creatures like humans, which have only been around for the blink of an eye in evolutionary terms, … then we could expect our atmosphere to have been like this already.

In fact, we have this much quantity in our air now as a direct result of spewing more CO2 onto the air than can be absorbed by plants, soil, and ocean.

Change this lead indicator to a safe level and we can all possibly live happily ever after.

Don’t change it, through wilful ignorance, plain stupidity, or reckless greed, and we won’t live happily.

It’s not complicated.

The fastest, easiest, most cost effective ways to change the lead indicator of 400ppm CO2 in the air?

Plant a combination of 1 trillion
– trees
– bamboo
– regenerative agriculture (perennial deep rooted pasture)
– silvoculture (trees and perennial pasture)
– hemp plantations
– sea (kelp) forests.

Side effects?
– arresting the rising sea levels already in play
– reversing the more than 1% increase in temperature globally we have already seen
– potentially addressing the current mass extinction underway: 25% loss of all species
– assisting the pollinators which enable the production of 70% of the food we eat
– relieving the chronic stress endured by most people
– etc etc …

All good side effects.

The downsides?
Vested interests in fossil fuels and support industries will lose profitability and switch to alternative production.

Of course, this isn’t enough in isolation.

There’s no excuse whatsoever for deforestation anywhere, for any reason.

We all know what else needs to be done. Two clues: stop polluting – be kinder.

If any of this is too hard to grasp, perhaps you should give your vote to someone else.

Maybe someone younger.

Or more educated.

More open minded.

Or maybe just someone who gives a damn.

The link below is three years old. Three years!

Forgive me for becoming impatient and perhaps a little short tempered on this matter.

Actually, don’t.

I expect you to get angry and urgent about this too.

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