The Secret Holiday Club

By Invitation Only

We believe in progress, living our best lives. ‘Barefoot luxury’ is a good way to describe this way of life.

If selected for Secret Holiday Club membership, benefits for you include:

  • personal recommendations for other great holidays in Australia and worldwide
  • $100 towards holiday bookings
  • not just French croissants on your first morning - we'll also freshly-bake a beautiful French baguette, ready for your arrival with butter and farm honey
  • pay for a day and visit Flow Bouldering free for a week at

Enjoy the best hand-picked holidays on the Sunshine Coast, across Australia and the world.

Why did we create the Secret Holiday Club?

After a lifetime of providing hospitality and unforgettable holidays for guests in both hemispheres, we want to celebrate all the wonderful people we meet.

At the same time, horror stories abound of terrible guests and traumatised hosts.

So we decided to recognise our favourite guests and prioritise the loveliest people with special access to superb holiday experiences.

Like you, we have no time for environment-destroying practices, so we have teamed up with other personally-known places to visit and now have pleasure in sharing these our favourite people.

Environmentally friendly. Protecting wildlife, clean water, and healthy soil. Supporting local farmers and growers. A network of people like you, who care about people, planet, and using our influence for the good of all.

Membership of the Secret Holiday Club is by invitation and nomination only.

You can apply here, and if successful we will be in touch very soon.

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