“Big Business Ready To Be Bigger”


You’re already in the top 0.1% of businesses, turning over $5m-$150m – and ready to really get going AND get your life back.




The businesses where I spend most of my time are  “the big boys and girls”.

This applies to you when:

i)              You’re already turning over between $5m and $150m

ii)            You’re already in the top 0.1% of businesses

iii)          But, yes, you’re STILL working like a dog too

iv)          Some of your staff “get it”, a lot still don’t

v)            You’re not sure if your marketing company is ripping you off or just doesn’t know enough

vi)          You can’t believe how many “fires” get started every day – and how come you’re seen as Chief Fireman

vii)        Your inbox and voicemail are full – hell, you even get told “I’m too busy” by your secretary, PA or VA (or all of them – yes, I once had 4 Pas and still couldn’t keep up, before I learned this stuff the hard way)

viii)      Your customers are buying, your assets are appreciating, but you KNOW there’s tons more that could be done

ix)          The trouble is, you’re all out of time

x)            You’re busy with the business, your family, all your daily obligations – seems like a ton of responsibilities and the important stuff doesn’t get a look in. Such as…

  • Updating your business and marketing plans
  • Attending to the exit plan
  • Building the succession
  • Re-engaging old customers
  • Upselling and cross selling to the current customer base
  • Cutting the complaints
  • Building the reputation
  • Marketing to prospective customers
  • Applying the Pareto Principle
  • And everything else…you know you’re not maximizing the business.

So how come some people make their business work for them while you are working hard for your business?

How come some can take time off when they want, live at the beach, travel with family and friends… and still have time to grow their business – even selling out for a fortune and starting another if they want?

How do some people have time to structure their business to run without them, that elusive semi-passive income, so that the buyers are knocking on the door well before they’re ready to sell? And when they do sell, it’s for top dollar not because they’re worn out?

You need to install the Essential Seven Switches.

Find out what it’s like when we’re Optimising Your Business.

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