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Bamboo Park

Eat • Grow • Play • Stay, at the bamboo forest near the beach.

Live Better Every Day with beautiful bamboo, trees, fruit, herbs, chicks and more.

Come and stay: https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/35689288.

From the moment you enter the monumental 700 metre bamboo lined driveway, you step away from the hustle and bustle and escape into a different world. Discover this private oasis of fresh air, open skies and the soft sounds of the wind rustling through the clumping bamboo, echoed by bird song.

Drive down the stunning bamboo corridor driveway of the 42 acre property comprising young bamboo plantation, orchard, gorgeous gardens and parklands, double-bloom lily pads in the dam, amazing vast views of open fields, mountains and sky.

Nestled between Mount Coolum and Mount Ninderry, watch the sun rise over Mount Coolum and set over Mount Ninderry, with 180-degree views that span from mountain to mountain, perfect for sunset panoramas and outdoor dining.

Walk in the beautiful parklands and enjoy the cooling sea breeze.

So many surprises and adventures, from the children’s playground to the chicks hatching before your eyes ...

The beautiful Bamboo Plantation features so many varieties, all non-invasive clumping types, and can be ordered to take home or delivered Australia-wide to add serenity and privacy to any environment.

The entire estate is off-grid, with a massive 15KW solar system connecting to a 75-kilowatt hour battery system, including dam pumps. That’s the equivalent of 10 x tesla powerwalls. As a backup to the solar array there’s a diesel generator housed in its own enclosure. The smart solar system is fully autonomous and even controls the generator in the rare event that the batteries are low.

In keeping with this self-sufficient objective, the properties have energy efficient lighting, a solar hot water system, and a 5000-litre fuel storage tank.

Bamboo Park has over 182,000 litres of filtered rainwater storage for fresh, cool, non-fluoridated drinking water. That very same water is then recycled, treated and used to irrigate part of the property. The rainwater dams also irrigate the food production on the property, including the raised 100 plus orchard, full of mangoes, mulberries, mandarins, oranges, strawberry guava, avocados, figs, and many other mature tropical fruit trees.

With more than one thousand giant clumping bamboos, including varieties which serve as a staple food to the Asian food market, the atmosphere is of tranquillity and energy. The region was recognised by a CSIRO scientific study as prime agricultural land for growing bamboo. Other species here include the giant timber bamboos which can be converted into timber products like flooring, furniture, surfboards, or even bamboo bricks.

Private dining amongst the giant black Bamboo, yoga retreats, and wedding ceremonies can take place under the stunning corridors of giant bamboo.

The bamboo plantation is also home to local fauna, including visiting kangaroos, eagles, owls, and migratory birds. Adjacent to the $4M Coolum Creek Conservation Park, Bamboo Park is perfectly placed for nature discoveries and hiking.
Bamboo Park is only a short 8-minute drive from the stunning blue waters and great waves of beautiful Coolum Beach.

To be so close to the beach yet within 42 acres of peaceful parkland is a very rare experience.

So many adventures to choose from nearby, including horse riding at the adjacent Ravens Park Equestrian Centre, kayaking on the Maroochy River, surfing, kitesurfing and parachuting at Coolum Beach.
Hidden by bamboo and a wide nature corridor nearby is Australia’s leading solar farm. Visits can be arranged. Bamboo Park’s mission includes providing inspiration and information for living our best lives - including how to choose and use solar, wind, geothermal energy, permaculture, green building techniques, and food choices.

We believe luxury and sustainability go hand in hand.

Finding Bamboo Park is easy: four minutes from both the Bruce Highway and the Sunshine Coast Motorway, the Sunshine Coast Airport is only 15 minutes drive away, while you can reach Brisbane airport in an hour without passing through a single traffic light.

To arrange a visit, contact Bamboo Park via Messenger on http://m.me/bambooparksunshinecoast, here via our website https://www.bamboopark.com.au, phone us on 0411 827 702, or email [email protected]

To book a holiday at Bamboo Park, go to https://www.airbnb.com.au/rooms/35689288.

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