Business Growth Through Reputation Optimisation Marketing

Nothing in business works any more without a great reputation and the problem, as reported recently by Channel 7, is that businesses are being ruined by bad reviews.

Numerous studies prove that three quarters of us trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations – which is far higher than any other form of marketing. But 82% of even committed buyers go straight to a competitor when seeing bad reviews. So neglecting to control and leverage your reputation online can be the kiss of death to your business.

Reputations are built strategically through what others say about you. Using authentic, traceable, frequent customer reviews, it is possible to build a five star reputation for your business, market that five star reputation, get more customers and maximise the value of your business.

Angela Wright MBE is an “Uncommon Business Growth And Reputation Optimisation” Specialist, who explains how you can “Gain A Five Star Reputation For Your Business and Market That Reputation To Get More Customers.” angela-wright-business-growth-and-reputation-marketing

Angela says, “Random, occasional communications definitely don’t work. Reputations are built strategically both through what you say and more importantly now, through what others say about you. 

“Through traceable, frequent Five Star reviews, you can build a Five Star Reputation for your business, market that Five Star Reputation, get more customers and maximise the value of your business.

“Google has created Google My Business, owns YouTube, loves Hangouts – and all these tools can be used by your business. The most important web presence for you now is something that most people don’t understand but it can be easily and inexpensively fixed – and it’s definitely not your website or Facebook!”

To find out more, contact Angela Wright and her team at Optimising Business.

In the meantime you can find out what your reputation online looks like right now, using a free online tool which reveals what people are saying about your business: go to

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