Here’s a useful list of the images you need for your business AND how to name them:

When you name your pictures in the right way, Google can “read” them and it helps people to find your webpage, blog post or Google page. So it’s worth doing – and you only have to do it once.

To really optimise all your online presence, you want to name each image in the appropriate way:

  • all characters lower case, like this
  • with-hyphens-in-between-each-word-like-this
  • using-your-top-keywords
  • using-some-descriptive-words

So, if you’re writing about autoresponders and naming this image, for instance,



it might be an ideal to name the picture something like


Most people don’t bother naming their pictures correctly. It is worth doing.


More About Your Images And Pictures

If you’re working with us you have a subfolder in your Dropbox called “Logos and Images”.

In there, you really want to keep all your most important media.

In particular you want:

  • Your logo –
    • Logo – your best version in high resolution
    • Logo size 2625 x 1025 pixels (this is a great size for large high res logos which lets us attach it to pretty much anything)
    • Logo/channel art 2560 x 1440 (this is for Youtube, where you have a small logo or art piece in the centre of a large blank space perfect for Youtube)
    • Logo 960 x 200 (normally a longer version of the logo possibly even with some extra text.  Good for website banners and similar stuff)
    • Review banner 960 x 200 (your logo accompanied by the words “Please Leave Us A Review”)
    • Small banner 600 x 100 (another longer version of your logo in banner form, even smaller this time for mobile apps and other fun things)

You might also have other variations on your logo – eg transparent, mono etc… upload them all in your Logos & 2 Primary Images subfolder – and, guess what, also put your FAVOURITE two images in here.

So now we have your logo and your favourite two images we also want some more, namely:

  • 7 Other Pix – your next favourite pictures after your first two favourites and your logo
  • Owner Pix – one or more lovely photos of you (ideally portrait in shape)
  • Additional Pix – any extra images you have
  • Background – a background shot to use for your Review Commercial which needs to be high resolution, landscape in shape, not have any people or animals in it AND be taken from “eye level” so that it works as a background image. It can be in interior or exterior shot, either will work. If we don’t get this from you we’ll use a suitable picture which we’ll choose for you.
  • Videos – if your videos are already online just put the links in your Complete Business Form Smartsheet – but if you only have the files, just drop them into your Dropbox or send to us using a large file transfer service like Hightail or WeTransfer.

That’s it. Now it’s easy to make the most of your online presence.

As always, get in touch with any questions.