Optimising Your Email Marketing By Keeping In Touch

Don’t you admire those people who keep in touch?

One of my cousins, Kay, is brilliant at this. A couple of times every year Kay emails the whole family (and there are about thirty of us – my Mum was one of seven!) with news of where the summer or Christmas family meet-up is taking place. It might be on the moor, at a riverside picnic spot, at the seaside or in someone’s garden … and because it’s England and most of my family are farmers, usually ends with “… and if it rains, we’ll use one of the farm sheds”. Even though I don’t make it to most of them, being over here in Australia, I love to hear the news and have chance to reply back to everyone if I have a minute.

On the other hand, have you ever been to a party and met a really interesting new person who talked about keeping in touch … and then you never heard another dicky bird?

Or maybe you contacted someone and never heard back. How rude.

But maybe your business is like that? Can you honestly say that you’ve never had someone show interest in what you do but you’ve never followed up? How about when a customer or friend or family member recommends someone to you, saying perhaps they’ve mentioned you… have you always made sure to make contact promptly? And persisted until you’ve spoken, to see if you can help?

It’s like that in business. Our customers want to hear from us – past, present and future – they want to feel important enough to hear from us – and much more often than you think. But none of us like to be “sold to” all the time. We like short, personal, relevant communications, especially when it’s into our personal email inbox or phone.

This is especially true when someone contacts you for the first time. Respond immediately because  you can have a 90% chance of making that person a customer if you respond straight away or a 90% chance of not making them a customer if you ignore them for a while … it’s your choice.

Do you know that when you “touch” someone nine times – by email perhaps, or a mixture of text, phone call, in person… you are most likely to have them become your customer?

You know that your business can help your customers and prospective customers. So get in touch. Often.

It’s always best to have a system for sending out your emails – so send them out in this order:
– to yourself and any other decision makers/marketing providers, for test/feedback
– then to your staff, to involve them (remind them why they’re seeing this email from you, and that it’s going out to customers/clients next…)
– then begin to your customer/client list

Here’s some helpful info: click here to download your copy-able ways to “Getting Your Reviews” – handy email templates.

Even more: click here to download more great stuff to copy: Autoresponder Email Templates For All Occasions.

One of the best ways to start emailing anyone on your “list” is to ask them for what they think. We all like to be asked our opinion – much more than we like to be “marketed at”. So take your whole list and send an email to all of them (no more than 150 per day if there are a lot…) saying something like:

Hi {first name}

I was just thinking about you and wonder if you can take a moment to tell me what you think of YOUR BUSINESS NAME?

Just jump on our feedback page LINK to say just a few words about how you found your experience with [BUSINESS NAME]? It takes about 30 seconds.

Here at BUSINESS NAME we all do our very best to deliver your [Company] experience, so we’d love to know what you think.

Thank you again for choosing us in the past. We’re looking forward to seeing you again next time!

With kind regards,

[First Name]

[First name] [Last name]


PS Please do jump on our reviews page where you, as a VIP customer, can leave a review: LINK TO YOUR REVIEWS PAGE


Of course, change this if you want so it sounds like you. But don’t make it any longer!

If you’re in business and you want to be getting more customers, that starts with more conversions, which depends on more leads, which relies on more traffic, which means you have to contact people. Looking for a way to do that, without spending your life online? Click here.

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Happy communicating!