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Imagine this: one day you’re on Page 1 of Google. The next day you stumble down to Page 14. You don’t even know what hit you but it hit you hard. This scenario happens in real life, and in most cases, hapless business owners are left in the rubble wondering what happened. That’s why a Website Audit Report is a must.

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What is an Optimising Business Website Audit?

When we run a Website Audit for you, you get a professional review and analysis of your website, including its content and inbound links. This covers Web Design and Web Structure Analysis, Page and Link Errors, Page Title and Meta Description Issues, Backlinks Analysis, URL Architecting, Duplicate Content Analysis, Comprehensive Target Keyword Analysis, along with all the latest Google updates, from Panda to Penguin and Pigeon.

We recommend this service before you start any optimisation campaign for your website. When you want to invest in an online marketing campaign, particularly SEO, it is important to have a deep analysis of your website so you have a customised SEO campaign.

Why Do You Need a Website Audit Report?

Your website is the core of your online marketing strategy. SEO, PPC, social media optimisation — all these direct traffic back to your site. A faulty website can flush all your efforts down the drain. An audit followed by an appropriate action, on the other hand, prevents that from happening. An audit is needed to find faults in your site so they can be corrected.

An audit is also the first step in recovering from Google updates. With the search engine rolling out between 500 and 600 algorithm changes every year, it’s crucial to get a “checkup” for your website annually.

Google Algorithm Updates

In addition to being better prepared to run an SEO campaign, getting a website audit will also protect your website from Google’s algorithm changes. Google is continuously tweaking their algorithms to provide users with search engine results of ever improving quality and relevance. The latest is nicknamed Pigeon – which confirms all the work we’ve been doing around local marketing and (even for non-local, regional, country and international businesses) the importance of “hooking” your business to an individual and real location. In the case of businesses with multiple locations, it’s important to first of all do this for the “headquarters” or company base, then for each of the individual locations.

Two of Google’s major algorithms are called Panda and Penguin. To date, there have been more than 25 Panda updates since 2011 and 3 Penguin updates since 2012 which affected over 41.4% of search queries. Panda updates are generally targeted at sites with low quality content and Penguin updates are targeting web spam. Stay ahead of the game and have us run an audit report on your website. The latest change is nicknamed Penguin – more info here.


(By the way, Google “released” a Pigeon update spoof years and years ago on April Fools Day, if you want a smile click here.)

Want to know more about what to look for in your website? The ideal platform for most (not all) businesses is Wordpress and of course Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools should be installed on every website.

We should install these into your existing site if not already there.

There are a number of pitfalls with WordPress though which can be avoided. Firstly, DIY and themed websites are often very slow, bulky and buggy with “messy code” which means that Google don’t like them – and Google have already warned that they’re going to penalise slow sites.

Before you redo your website, it’s vital you get your five star reputation online, ahead of investing in your company systems and main website, which of course is what we’re doing for you. You need systems in place now to establish your online presence and importantly to begin to capture and nurture leads.

That’s why I recommend a three step approach:

Step One: get a landing page up linked to your autoresponder, like my – ask people what’s their biggest headache around the services you provide and offer your Free Report valued @ $xx answering xyz (biggest pain). If you want to know more about autoresponders and other tools, check out

I recommend either Sendpeppr (less than $30 a month and easy to use) or Infusionsoft (around $300/mth and hard to use but the Rolls Royce). Of course one can upgrade from one to the other…

Step Two: get your five star reputation

Step Three: then and only then get your website built. Yes, you can be planning it in the meantime because typically it’ll take 90 days to create a good site. Yes, at some point you need a top performing, responsive website and solid online presence for your new business. But not just any old website. You need to be:

·      Found on relevant searches

·      Fast to load – Google are penalising (not ranking) slow sites

·      Be easily viewed on all devices – from all kinds of smartphones to tablets, laptops and desktop screens

·      Have a highly visible contact number

·      Have a Lead Magnet for optins

·      Have a very easily used Blog to feature special offers, news, events and helpful information

·      Showing your reviews including your latest, live, online reviews

·      Links to all your current social media – and your currently missing social media

·      A contact form linked to your Autoresponder

·      Your NAP in the footer of every page (Name, local physical Address, local Phone no)

·      All linked up to your autoresponder preloaded with messages

·      Correctly built from the start for organic SEO and able to give return on investment on any Pay Per Click and Facebook Advertising

·      With the right promotional plugins

·      And the right advertising campaigns

·      Here’s a link to more about the importance of having your website designed in this way:

·      And here’s a link to examples of our websites:

·      Here’s a link to our Terms of Service:

I’d love to build your next website or update your existing one, to give you the peace of mind of getting it exactly right.

But that’s not all.

First of all we ensure that identify your exact target market is identified and the website made to work for them and for your immediate customers. So that your site works for who is buying from you now and who is most likely to buy your business if/when you come to sell. After all, none of us are going to live together. So it’s our responsibility to get our business in shape.

As you know, this is the biggest payday for all business owners. And something never understood by “web technicians” or “graphic designers.

That’s why it makes sense to talk with an experience business growth consultant – especially a tight-fisted farmer’s daughter who cares about every dollar you invest.

You want Return On Investment.

We make sure you get it.

Don’t you think it’s criminal that Google’s been saying this since 2012 – actually way before – and some web firms STILL haven’t addressed this for their clients and are STILL building bad sites? That’s one of the reasons I’ve created our own facility. As I said earlier, can see some of our portfolio here:

People viewing the web on their mobile phone is at least 30% of the total and in many industries and areas has ALREADY overtaken the number of people viewing on desktops, in Australia:

So we make your current site mobile AS SOON AS you confirm the go-ahead with your payment, build your landing page then, – and we work together to deliver your brand new, completely perfect site over the next 90 days.

That’s not all.

We know that your website’s not the first thing people see when they look for you, your services or your products online. They actually see your Google pages – your Google+ Local and your Google Places.

So we validate and optimise these for you.

Along with all your crucial citations and directory listings.

So that wherever people look, they find you.

Hope that helps. Happy to put together a proposal for your new site/site redesign. When you already have a website, a Website Audit Report will give you peace of mind whether or not you want a new site or just to get your current site performing better. It’s about knowing that your website is compliant with algorithm updates and that your SEO efforts won’t go down the drain.

Send us a message now or call us at 07 5474 9790 so we can audit your website today and propose exactly what you need.