There are literally hundreds of citation and directory sites. How do you know which to go for?

Here’s a list of which citations and directory sites we claim and optimise for you and when… and which you might like to do yourselves.



Apple has finally (October 2014) given businesses a self-serve way to add or edit listings on Apple Maps:

We claim and optimise all 4 of these plus TripAdviser and Urban Spoon if appropriate – experiences and hospitality – experiences and hospitality



We claim all 5 of these.


These are extra citation and directory sites where it’s good to list your business:

Local Directories – Queensland, New South Wales and Northern Territory only. – dining and hospitality – events and hospitality


Cylex AU



There’s more …



Timeout eg



+ other citation and directory sites – see list


We claim all 5 of these.

We only claim these next ones if possible and then typically one per month from month 6 onwards including: – rural – rural

+ other citation and directory sites – see list

UK and Ireland:

We claim all 5 of these.

We only claim these if possible and then typically one per month from month 6 onwards, including:

+ other citation and directory sites – see list

Of course – you can and should claim any of these “extra” sites whenever you get the chance. It can be just as quick for you to do so as it is to ask us to do it.

It’s very easy for you to have all the info you need for new citation and directory sites because you can just refer to your Complete Business Form (your “CBF” in your Smartsheet).

Remember to ALWAYS use your “online marketing gmail” and either use the same password as for this gmail account OR record all the details in your CBF – the citations and directories are listed near the foot of the form.

Refer to your MobileMediaMasterClass – if you want more step by step video training on how to best claim and optimise these extra citation and directory sites.

If you’re not sure where else should try to get reviews, this list put together by my clever friend Phil Rozen may help you find the high-payoff, high-visibility sites. These review sites that only deal with specific industries – perhaps you’re a doctor, lawyer, contractor, car mechanic… well, there are sites where almost the only visitors are local customers who are deciding whether to choose you or your competitor.

As I always say, you want your company to be listed on as many sites as possible – especially the ones which your potential customers will see. Having links to your website from these citation and directory sites can be very useful. Having reviews on them mean that you’re looking great wherever anyone looks – ready to send you pre-qualified customers.

Here’s the list on Google Drive:

As I said, Apple has finally (October 2014) given businesses a self-serve way to add or edit listings on Apple Maps: With regard to Apple Maps SEO there’s not much you can do, so you’d better make sure your categories are correct.

There are 671 Apple Maps categories to choose from and you can pick up to 3:

Here’s a list of all 671 Apple Maps categories on Google Drive:

As you can see, it’s broken up into 3 columns.  That’s because – as it is when you’re picking out your categories on Yelp and on other sites – you have to pick a category in the left column, then a subcategory in the next column, and then a sub-subcategory if applicable.

Flip through the categories list in this Googledoc and see if you can find your perfect 3 then you can tell us what they are and we’ll do the rest for you…

If you’d like us to claim and optimise any additional citation and directory sites for you, just get in touch.

Hope that helps!