Why Google?

Unlike other freelancers and agencies, we use a unique Web 3.0 approach. Google have declared war on SEO – whether it’s “white hat” or “black hat” strategies.

Google and other search engines hate “black hat” or dubious optimization efforts like spamming, keyword stuffing, and cloaking – and dislike “what hat” techniques almost as much too What Google wants to see is what the whole multi-coloured world says – that’s why their last big update was called Hummingbird and not another black and white animal like Penguin and Panda.

Our methodologies abide by the latest algorithm updates by Google, including Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda, but much more importantly we help your customers to tell other customers about you. 72-79% of us trust what other customers say, not what the business itself says. Google knows this – and trusts the community too.

After all, if Google isn’t trusted, everyone will use another search engine, and Google won’t earn $10bn (literally!) every year then… So now, for the vast majority of businesses, over 50% of Google’s ranking – which determines whether you’re at the top of page one and found or disappearing in obscurity – are determined by reviews, citations and the consistency of your NAP – that’s your business Name, local physical Address and local Phone number. Sounds simple.

It is – but not easy. It’s complex and time consuming to get it right. But that’s what Google wants. That’s what your customers trust. So, uniquely, that’s what we do.

Here’s to a multicoloured world and your great business results.

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