Oh no, not another email!

Is that how you feel when yet another email pings into your inbox?

Optimising Your Business- email overload
Do you have email alerts set up so that you are constantly interrupted by notifications of arriving emails?

Well the first thing I’m going to suggest is that you switch OFF all your notifications – usually you can do this via System Preferences, Notifications, Turn Off. When you are constantly interrupted (for the average person, that’s every 11 minutes!) it’s impossible to “get into the flow” of concentrating on your important tasks (it takes 25 minutes for most people to become absorbed in a task, which is when it becomes easier).

On the other hand, when you send emails to your customers, you want to make sure they receive them, right? I wanted to remind you about Gmail and other providers who have changed the email rules recently…you can even can copy this and send something similar to everyone on your own email or Newsletter list…otherwise many of your own customers could miss seeing your communications too.

You might receive emails from me as [email protected][email protected] or [email protected] so please can you whitelist these email addresses so that they don’t fall into your spambox?

Here’s all you have to do to make sure emails from me land right where you can see them as soon as I send them to you…

(This will take you 20 seconds total)

If you use Outlook:
Step 1:  Go to “Options” – top right of your inbox screen – and click on “Create an inbox rule” in the dropdown
Step 2:  In the “Inbox Rule” section, click on “New” and choose “When the message arrives” and “and it was received from”
and enter @optimisingbusiness.com
and “Do the following” and “move the message to Inbox”

If you use Gmail:
Step 1: Open your Gmail and click the “Promotions” tab on the far right
Step 2: Look for an email from me (like this one) in the “Promotions” tab
and drag it to “Primary” tab on the far left

NOTE: You only need to do this ONCE.

FINAL STEP: You may see an alert saying something like– “This conversation has been moved to Primary. Do this for future messages from [email protected]?”
Click YES.

That’s it!

Another Tip: hop into your “junk” or “spam” folder – take a quick look through and drag any non-junk back into your inbox then delete what’s left. That makes it really easy to have a quick look in your junk every day and delete what’s there. Marking as “non junk” or dragging into your inbox will also train your mailbox to properly identify the emails you want to see.

When you do this for any emails you get from me through different email addresses like [email protected], you’ll be sure not to miss a thing: just follow these simple steps and you won’t miss any advice that will help your business…

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