Big Commerce v Shopify v WordPress Woo Commerce? No Contest.

Big Commerce v Shopify v WordPress Woo Commerce – Which Is Best?

Working across platforms, I have to say that Big Commerce and WordPress Woo Commerce aren’t a PATCH on Shopify.

We have a few sites on Shopify – one is Get Your Boom! Back, which Shopify just told us is in the top 1% of businesses started within the same time. Nice. We’re still pre-launch with Get Your Boom! Back but already, through good old reputation and word of mouth, we’re selling in 35 countries.


Shopify said in May 2015 when they launched their IPO, “The total number of merchants using our platform grew from 41,295 as of December 31 2012 to 162,261 as of March 31 2015.”

From 41,000 to 162,000! And rising fast. If you’re looking for examples of Shopify’s customer base, take a look at pages 93-94 in the registration statement.

Think you need a hand to sell online? Have an online shop which isn’t cutting it?

Look, if your online presence sucks… if it’s just toooo hard or slow or boring for customers to trust you and buy from you online… no matter how good your actual products and services are, they won’t sell. I’m sorry but that’s the truth.

Successful businesses know it’s important to be consistent, congruent, constantly innovating and improving. That’s what optimising business is all about.

On the other hand, it’s no good having a fancy website and not having really great products. That’s another good way to go broke fast. Nope, you need both. One without the other means you can’t help people with what you have for them, because they won’t trust you, and you’ll rapidly be out of dosh. So make your online presence as good as your products, and your products as good as you say they are.

I can’t tell you how great it is to see those sales “ping” on my ‘phone screen… notifying of more money into the bank account and more happy customers around the world. To share this feeling with you, we’ve taken everything we know and teamed up with Online Retail Ninja Robbie Savage in the UK as well as our Secret Weapon Adviser in the USA, who grew his online store to $10m in 18 short months… and we’ve created

“Online Retail Mastery”

What’s Online Retail Mastery?

It’s the best of online shop sites in both hemispheres: the unique perspective enabling you to be selling successfully online. Your own online store built, loaded and live PLUS all the step-by-step training you need to know exactly what to do.

Now it’s your turn: “Start Your Dream Business With Shopify, The World’s Number One Retail Platform.”

All the secret Ninja tricks which have propelled our own online business into the Shopify Global Top 1% in just a few months and ALL prelaunch, without paid marketing! Manage all aspects of your business: orders, customer profiles, sales trends and more – easier than ever. Your optimised online retail website to rake in the sales 24/7.

This month, we’ll build your site for you for just $4,997 with your website launched and live PLUS hold your hand through step by step training – total value more than $10,000 – So You Save Over $5k.

Contact us here at Optimising Business on 07 5474 9790 if you want a launched and live online retail website like one of our other sites:

Get Your Boom! Back


Nutshell Paints

Infinity Pro

Here are some more of our favourite sites that we’ve built lately:

Capital Debt Solutions

Air Conditioning Wizards

Di Johnson’s site


You can take a look at some more of our Portfolio by clicking here too. 

Contact Us At Optimising Business Today: 07 5474 9790 or get in touch here.

Yep, we’re based in Noosa’s Sunshine Beach in sunny Queensland, serving businesses across Australia and internationally.

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