Urgent Warning – Plausible Scam To Access Your Computer Via TeamViewer

Just had a very plausible scam call so wanted to share it with you urgently.

We’re in the middle of changing our internet provider from Telstra (8 down/0.8 up on a good day, constantly dropping connections = disaster) to TPG (10/10 guaranteed) so there’s a lot of talking with all kinds of people regarding phone lines, IT, wifi, the cable guys…

But we just took a call from “Telstra” saying that we’ve some major interruptions to our IT and they need to Teamviewer in to the main computer…

Now, this could be plausible because genuine Telstra staff do use Teamviewer sometimes. But this guy wasn’t genuine.

How did we know? Because he pushed so hard to get access… and when we said no and before hanging up, he said

  • There’s evidence of hacking on our computer causing corruption to Telstra

  • He’s reporting us to the cyber crimes department

  • There’ll be a police squad coming round to seize all our IT equipment

  • We’ll be disconnected and never able to connect anywhere in Australia ever again

  • We’d be subject to a $15,000 fine for computer hacker

  • “You Sir are a computer hacker”

The last one was particularly ironic given that’s what he is.

So all very frightening for someone a bit naive or living on their own, perhaps elderly or just inexperienced.

If he’d had access through Teamviewer, with hacking software he’d have sucked all the passwords, bank access, everything. In seconds. He wasn’t from Telstra. He was a criminal.

computer hacking is not optimising business

Please share this now with your friends – it needs to go viral because he’ll be sucking bank accounts dry left right and centre otherwise. Make sure you only work with people you trust. “Get good people around you” as my Dad always says. Stay happy.

PS if you’re not in Australia, substitute your phone/internet provider for “Telstra” in this story – it wasn’t them, just their name in vain. Won’t be sorry to move away from their internet “service” though. Bring on the faster speeds 🙂

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