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We are SO excited and had to share this with you… we’ve been bursting with a secret till now and at last we can tell you…

We had a call from Shark Tank about our MouthMonsters and Mintycoco products – and we’re on the Show this Tuesday in front of around 5 MILLION PEOPLE!

sugar protection mouthwash for kids on shark tank

As Steve Jobs said,

“Here’s to the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They’re not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can’t do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do.”

                ― Rob Siltanen and Craig Tanimoto – quoted by Steve Jobs

Our conversation with Network TEN’s Shark Tank Australia came about because of what we’re doing differently, inventing the only Sugar Prevention Mouthwash For Children, MouthMonsters.

We invented MouthMonsters after creating Mintycoco Oil Pulling Therapy Mouthwash which gives you naturally whiter teeth and helps prevent gum disease.

coconut oil pulling therapy mouthwash without harsh abrasives Mintycoco

David and I headed to the top secret filming location and met with all the Sharks!

We’re not allowed to reveal anything – you’ll have to watch the show this coming Tuesday 4th July, 8.30pm AEST, right after Masterchef!

We’ve always run our own businesses as well as helping other people grow too, and this was one of our ecommerce business decisions from just over a year ago. From personal experience and a lot of research, we saw a need for a unique natural teeth whitening and detoxing coconut oil pulling therapy mouthwash. So we created Mintycoco.

Realising children’s oral health is in crisis, David and I next invented a version just for kids: MouthMonstersthe only sugar protection mouthwash for children. Taste tested by kids who overwhelmingly voted in favour of the natural strawberry and peppermint flavours.

Mintycoco and MouthMonsters are multi-taskers – all-in-one mouth fresheners to whiten teeth, freshen breath, remove toxicity and boost your immune system – using only organic natural ingredients.

Then out of the blue we had a call from the producers of Shark Tank Australia inviting us to take part! The filming was really exciting – and we’re on Tuesday’s show, 4th July, 8.30pm AEST!

As David says, “We were shocked when dentists here on the Sunshine Coast told us it’s not unusual to be extracting kids’ teeth – even baby teeth from pre-schoolers who are having rotting teeth pulled out under general anaesthetic”

“Children like our unique coconut mouthwash which they say tastes like icecream – but it’s all natural, completely free of sugar and sweeteners and really works to protect children’s teeth, reducing sugar cravings and sugar residue!”

Both Mintycoco and MouthMonsters feature on Shark Tank Australia airing on Network TEN at 8.30pm Tuesday 4th July. See what the Sharks have to say!

Did you know that in Australia, the USA, the UK and around the world now, toddlers as young as 18 months are having rotting teeth pulled out and in some cases older children are having all teeth removed in major surgery?

According to Dr Beaumont from the Royal Dental Hospital in Melbourne, children are presenting with blackened teeth and pus-filled gums. A three-year-old had 11 teeth extracted, and a two-year-old’s teeth had dissolved down to the gum, exposing the nerve.

“It is very sad because you can imagine the impact on that child when they have to go to school with no teeth and try to function without them. It is quite upsetting,” Dr Beaumont said.

“It is not uncommon to be taking out 12 or 14 baby teeth in one go. We would do that quite frequently.”

Dr Beaumont said the extractions often had lifelong consequences only fixed with expensive orthodontic treatment.

The ADA’s Professor Manton said the Australian average for four-year-olds was to have one tooth with decay, with most untreated. A recent survey of more than 600 children found that just over one-third of the children had evidence of decay.

Oral health is at crisis point in Australia, the UK and the USA, according to dental health professionals and dental associations.

The health impacts of tooth decay and gum disease can affect the entire body, with proven links between gum disease and heart disease, stroke, a 700% increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, and a 4x risk of kidney disease.

It helps that David’s a Biologist… you might not know he spent 3 years in the Antarctic as part of the British Antarctic Survey after graduating in Biology.

Mintycoco and MouthMonsters use all organic and natural ingredients for unique coconut oil therapy mouthwashes for adults and children, conveniently packaged in recyclable plastic packets perfect for on the go and traveling. 

We are all under pressure to fit so much into every day – Mintycoco (and MouthMonsters for kids) is the one habit that makes it easy… don’t over-think it — just make good health a habit.

90% of adults have active gum disease including swollen, bleeding or receding gums, bad breath, loose teeth. This doesn’t have to be you.

There’s a proven connection between gum disease and cancer, heart disease, a 700% increased risk of diabetes type 2, arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, a 4x greater risk of chronic kidney disease. Mintycoco and MouthMonsters oil pulling therapy mouthwash helps reduce gum disease.

We all struggle with too much sugar in our diet, but it doesn’t have to be so hard! Coconut and peppermint oils reduce sugar cravings and remove residues from your mouth.

I’m traveling in Italy at the moment, visiting thermal springs, health centres and waterfalls around Europe, and Mintycoco makes my daily detox and immunity booster so easy 🙂

Find out more here: https://mintycoco.com/pages/5-oral-health-tips-for-whiter-teeth-and-help-prevent-gum-disease

Reality TV Show Shark Tank Australia on Network TEN, features The Sharks – Janine Allis, Steve Baxter; Andrew Banks, Naomi Simson, and Glen Richards – tough, self-made, multi-millionaires, as they review Australia’s best businesses and products. The Sharks give people from all walks of life the chance to potentially secure business deals that could make their products mainstream.

So please join us when Mintycoco and MouthMonsters feature on Shark Tank airing on Network TEN at 8.30pm Tuesday 4th July.

Special Deal For You Right Now!

To celebrate Shark Tank featuring Mintycoco and MouthMonsters, we’ve arranged a special deal saving you $10 off each 14 day oil therapy mouthwash course!

Only available while stocks last – we want you to know about this first before Shark Tank airs on Tuesday! Click here to find out more: https://mintycoco.com/pages/5-oral-health-tips-for-whiter-teeth-and-help-prevent-gum-diseasecoconut oil pulling therapy mouthwash naturally whitens teeth oral detox Mintycoco

What A Change We’re Seeing!

At last, “alternative” seems to be becoming “mainstream”.

People like you and me are joining forces with independent scientists around the world, against political interference and vested interests.

This week we saw Monsanto’s glyphosate weedkiller commonly sold as “RoundUp” officially declared a carcinogen by the State of California.

People with cancer from glyphosate have already lodged lawsuits.

Despite the billions spent by Monsanto/Bayer promoting this chemical cocktail and hiding evidence of the dangers, people who think differently are refusing to stop until this is banned.

Glyphosate, the most used herbicide in the world, has been found in the bodies of 93% of the American public during rigorous tests. Adults and children in Australia, the UK and wherever this herbicide is used, are also affected, with about 500 glyphosate products sold in Australia alone and “RoundUp” being used by councils on kerbsides and children’s playgrounds, by home-owners and farmers.

No wonder you need to detox and boost your immunity!

Yes, you’re reading this so may well know us … so you too are likely to think differently.

More and more people are joining us, thinking differently, each of us taking care of our own health and well-being.

People are getting smarter, more informed, understanding that Self Care Is The New Health Care.

We believe in #kidsb4corporations – individual health before corporate profits.

The good news is, you’re just one habit away from better health… 

Do get in touch with any questions, suggestions or for any support. You can order over the phone too. Just email me – [email protected] or [email protected] – or give us a call on our best number for you: Australia: 1300 261 639 • UK: 01392 690 244 • USA: (225) 442-9766 • International +1 (225) 442-9766.

Here’s to living your best,


Angela Wright MBE and all the team at Optimising Business, Get Your Boom! Back and Mintycoco

PS Remember, you’re just one habit away from optimising your life and health

Get your Mintycoco and MouthMonsters here while stocks last: https://mintycoco.com/pages/5-oral-health-tips-for-whiter-teeth-and-help-prevent-gum-disease



Glyphosate dangers: https://detoxproject.org/1321-2

Mintycoco and MouthMonsters science: https://mintycoco.com/blogs/news/which-health-habit-will-make-you-look-and-feel-younger

More info about Mintycoco and MouthMonsters: https://mintycoco.com/pages/5-oral-health-tips-for-whiter-teeth-and-help-prevent-gum-disease


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