Successful Businesses In Today’s Disruptive Market – Is Your Business At Risk?

What are the biggest risks in business today?

Some would argue disruption – whether it’s Uber and taxi-firms, AirBnB and hotels or even iRobot and lawnmowing… here’s a great article on Techcrunch about iRobot versus Astronomers. Given how much we love our Ronald, our new robot vacuum (he’s working as I write this, merrily hoovering away – and unlike having to pay a cleaner he never interrupts me with questions, wants paying or breaks something…) I reckon that a robotic lawnmower will be a great thing.

The biggest risk of all, though, is distraction. As the great Sun Tzu said, “The enemy is distraction”. Or to put it another way, when the time comes to work, any distraction will set you back 20 minutes because you lose concentration and momentum. It’s like filling a kettle with a hole in it or driving while your tyres are deflating.. ridiculously hopeless.

On average it takes 26 minutes to get into flow – yet we are interrupted ever 11 minutes.

So switch off the distractions, turn off all the notifications, decide on just THE one thing that’s most important to you and do that until it’s complete.

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