Crypto prohibition and Bitcoin in Business – plus, the cryptocurrency which will surpass Bitcoin

I’ve been a speaker on ‘Bitcoin In Business’ in the last few days, as part of Tech Startup month. Even at high end business meetings like these, I’m DISTRAUGHT by how many people told me and others about “being into bitcoin” when actually they’re signed up to an MLM ponzi […] Read more »

What Happens When You Get On Shark Tank!

sugar protection mouthwash for kids on shark tank

  We are SO excited and had to share this with you… we’ve been bursting with a secret till now and at last we can tell you… We had a call from Shark Tank about our MouthMonsters and Mintycoco products – and we’re on the Show this Tuesday in front […] Read more »

Why Every Business Is Now An eCommerce Business


The business I was talking with last week has more than a million customers but making fundamental mistakes. They’re an offline business, established in the ’80s. Sure they sell a little online, but actually it’s as little as possible. Not really changed since the early 2000s. Totally missing the fact that […] Read more »

Do Your Headlines Have Magic? How To Optimise Your Words!

Quick reminder… At 11:30am Brisbane time TODAY (Thurs 31st March) my friend Steve Plummer is running a no-cost webinar for business owners and marketers who want to take their headline writing (and their profits) to a whole new level. The training is called, “HEADLINE MAGIC: The 7 Kickin’ Ways to Write Headlines that Cut through […] Read more »

What’s The Best Affiliate Network For Merchants?

The gorgeous Claire Anstey from Serve On Screen  asked me about what’s the best Affiliate Network. Of course it depends what you are offering… and what you’re wanting to achieve. If you’re finding that traditional advertising approaches are expensive or not driving business, you might want to consider affiliate marketing. […] Read more »

Good Business Advice For The Right Directory Listings

The Right Business Advice How do you know which are the right Directory Listings to choose? With so many – from Google itself, the old Yellow Pages, Yelp, TrueLocal or Thomson Local, Service Seeking and the literally thousands of industry and geographic directories – how do you know which to […] Read more »

Big Commerce v Shopify v WordPress Woo Commerce? No Contest.


Big Commerce v Shopify v WordPress Woo Commerce – Which Is Best? Working across platforms, I have to say that Big Commerce and WordPress Woo Commerce aren’t a PATCH on Shopify. We have a few sites on Shopify – one is Get Your Boom! Back, which Shopify just told us is […] Read more »

How To Hire The Right Staff

how to hire the right staff

Knowing How To Hire The Right Staff Is Critical In Today’s Economy “Poor staff choices cost 15x their salary” Thanks #alexmandossian for your insights when we met today. We’ve all crossed our fingers and hoped for the best when hiring staff – not lately, personally, I’m happy to say. Years ago […] Read more »

Time Saving Tips For Successful Businesses

We All Want Time Saving Help To Be Successful In Life And Business – Here’s a “Tiny Interruption Solution” One thing we all seem to have less of every day is time. On average we are interrupted every 11 minutes but it takes about 26 minutes to get back into […] Read more »